Retrospective 2018


  • Try
    • Bring Recycling box for/bag for beer cans
    • Post spa policies/hours in the meeting area

Food and Drink

  • Keep
    • Beer for 20 Kc!
  • More
    • Beer variants, wheat beer + cider
    • Veggies, add salads to dinners
    • Snacks throughout the day


  • Keep
    • Having different facilitators
    • Inviting international participants
    • PPT Karaoke & 360 game
  • More
    • Agile games (evenings)
  • Try
    • End a bit earlier, so more people attend the Retrospective
    • Share takeaways between sessions
    • 1 minute debrief from sessions at end of day
    • Seek sponsorship (e.g. for t-shirts, beers, dinners, workshop before start time)
    • Invite people from universities (priorities to those who are agilists or want to advance their agile thinking)

Retrospective 2016

Below are all ideas and suggestions that were proposed. Think about them, we will, when organizing the Camp in 2017. 🙂


Was Good / Keep

  • Email communication
  • Website
  • Slack
  • Position paper
  • Everything OK
  • Active people require little info (I knew just time & location, nothing else)
  • Kept us interested without requiring active participation


  • More communication channels
  • More heartbeat communication – mostly first messages came late
  • Complex registration of accommodation
  • Clarification of costs ( “General expenses (meeting rooms, material, etc.) are covered from sponsorship” – we collected costs for materials in the end, sponsorship was spent on food and accommodation
  • Participants could send photos and we could match them with the position papers -> papers could also be printed and taken to the camp
  • Organizers should initiate conversations on Slack channels
  • Start discussions before the event
  • I did not know to take swimsuit 😦
  • Promote communication channels more
  • Long waiting time for the website


Was Good / Keep

  • Open Space
  • Time slot arrangements
  • Topics + games + format + variation + socialising
  • Timing
  • Warm ups and exercises
  • Facilitation
  • Just enough facilitation (official talks)
  • Session length
  • Open Space format
  • Number of participants
  • Perfect execution – everybody knew how to contribute
  • Fun


  • Marketplace negotiations were not working well
  • Later start on Friday (20:00?)
  • Better summaries of sessions
  • Voting for sessions
    • before session
    • before evening news
  • Shorter coffee breaks
  • Short breaks between sessions
  • Saturday – one longer break for free time and relax
  • No attendee moved to Prague < 3 years ago
  • Use marketplace to guess the number of attendees (somehow)
  • Improve marketplace and indicate if it’s:
    • workshop
    • sharing
    • games
    • etc.
  • Improve marketplace:
    • I offer to share my experience
    • I’d like to learn from others
  • Evening news were too chaotic and not helping
  • 5 minutes breaks between sessions
  • Shorter sessions
  • Do more sessions
  • Arrange some activities for the evening
    • There were a lot: sauna, story cubes, throwing, other games, beer etc.
  • Separate planning session for morning and afternoon
  • More planned agile games

Learning and Contribution

  • Setup of life priorities
  • New games
  • Mental / psy cleanup
  • Tragedy of the commons
  • “Sticks” game
  • Learned that structural change will come
  • People were engaged in the conversations
  • Described the situation of my team
  • Insight to the state of CZ Agile community and market
  • Name game
  • New, wonderful people
  • Agile connection with self-development
  • Variation of topics and different experiences
  • Confirmation of our approach
  • Met people with practical experience – no academics
  • Broader point of view
  • Less control can bring better results
  • Better understanding of how deeply you need to change for adopting agile
  • Our situation looks better in comparison with some others 🙂
  • I can learn what I want
  • Format of (non-)conference attracts active people
  • GM testing
  • Developers point of view
  • Superb people
  • Non-IT people attending


  • Session titles unclear
  • Only few practical tools/games
  • Notes from sessions
  • Summary of sessions