The venue

Surround yourself with nature and history

The event takes place in the chateau Tvoršovice, built at the beginning of the 18th century and later acquired by the Golf & Spa resort Konopiště. Nowadays, the chateau serves as accommodation, an event space, and a golf park for the resort’s guests.

The place is in an area popular with tourists and cyclists for its endless trails throughout the greenery, about 50 Km away from Prague near Château Konopiště.

It’s very easy to rent golf gear and have fun, or enjoy sunrise morning walk if you’re an early bird.

— Silvana Wasitova


There is so much to like

There are planty of ways to enjoy the coach camp and even transform it into your personal retreat.

Take your discussion into spa

Every guest has access to wellness consisting of a pool, whirlpool, sauna — all popular locations for the event marketplace sessions.

Fresh air when you need it

While there are many rooms for the event, we like to take sessions also outside, to a terrace, or for a walk around the green.

I like to take my family with me and extend the stay with some extra days to relax and have some quality time.

— Martin Jarcik

Space for some me-time

Spoil yourself with a massage, a golf game, a gym or go for a run or walk.

Take your family with you

Bring your family with you including pets. There is a small playground on the site and many turistic opportunities around.

The Castle Konopiste is super fun. It has been displayed in many movies and it also has live bears in the moat.

— Marketa Conka

Accomodation and the event space

Walk the red carpet

Rooms and the event space are semi-historically decorated with a red carpet and upholstered furniture. It’s a bit dated nowadays, but it’s well-maintained and comfortable. You can choose from a double or a twin room options.

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